Sunday, October 9, 2005

Melissa posted a few of her new scrapbook that reminded me, I have a few new ones I wanted to share too.

Here is one I did of Joey called Athlete in training.

Journaling: I love these photos of you because it shows your interest in a baseball, something so simple to you but baseball means so much to your father. From 7 months of age you were able to hold a baseball in one hand. We were so amazed. Early on you were able to chuck a ball across the room. This day you took the ball and you would pick it up, toss it and then follow it across the room. Here’s a little about your development at the time these pictures were taken on 10/28/2004. Joey will be 10 mos old on November the 8th. He is now 21.2 lbs, 31-32 inches tall (very very tall), in 18 mos clothing, almost walking - he pushes the walker and walks behind it. Stands up by everything and lets go so he's free-standing. He crawls super fast. He can climb up both flights of our stairs in less than a minute. He's growing wayyyyyy too fast. Today he started to say momma (11/1/04). I think his first word was cat - whenever he sees a cat he says kttt, and he says dada but I don't think he knows what dada and mama mean yet!

Journaling: Journaling
This in your face pose is a common pose for our king of the house, Alex. He’s the oldest of our four cats and thinks and really believes he is king. He often fights the other cats to prove he is still king. His favorite things are sleeping on the cat tree, eating canned cat food (YUM), fighting with the other cats (see, I’m still king games), sleeping ON Briana (it’s the most comfortable way to sleep), and snuggling with Joe (can’t sleep on him though, he doesn’t like it!). Things he hates are hairballs (ew), Kali and TyTy (our youngest cats), us leaving for the weekend (where are the owners? I miss them!) and not being able to sleep with Briana (her darn allergies doesn’t allow it anymore). He is the only cat that tolerates Joey quite well (the other cats hide) and Alex will allow Joey to pet him and gives Joey wet nose kisses. He’s very affectionate and loves people. He will be the only cat that is still around if a stranger comes inside the house. Alex always has to check the new person out. Even though Alex is the oldest, he’s really still our baby cat. He was our first, and he has the most personality. We sure do love him!

I love this one of Joey. The journaling is large. Click on the scrapbook page to read it.

Anyone who served in the war has a very very emotional time trying to recall the events of what happened. I asked Chester Kapa in September of 2005 what he wanted to say about this photo of him and he kindly recalled some of the events of the war.

This is Chester Kapa in the spring of 1944. He served in the 82nd Air Borne. He took parachute training Fort Bening, Georgia. Chester graduated parachute school with a PFC. They made one parachute jump, but because Japanese warplanes were coming, they were sent overseas right away. There was a Japanese spotter on both sides of the air field with a red flag, and the spotted waved it, people would jump out off the heavy equipment while the Japanese flew over and bombed and strafed the air filed. Then of course, when they were done, they would start all over again. Then they went into Manilla when the war ended and went house to house and shack to shack to see if there were any Japanese left. At the end of the war, when it was time to go home, they went by points. They sent you home based by how many points you had. They would have to sit in these little camps and wait your turn to go home because they could only take so many home at a time.The war ended in 1945.

In 1947 Chester met Norma in 1947 and were married in May 1948. Grandpa said she ‘salted and peppered his eggs just right’ and that’s why they have been married all these years. They had Fred Kapa in October 5, 1950. Then in 1953 Charlotte was born. They had to work split shift so they didn’t have to hire a babysitter. Chester would do clothes washing and farming (raising beef cattle) and would go to work in the afternoon. They worked split shift for 6 years and then moved in with Auntie. When they moved to Texas they sold their brick home, but hated the hot summers and came back in 1971 and built the house they are in currently in 1972. Chester retired in 1982 when they gave him a buyout deal and took care of Joe Fisher Sr. (Joey). Chester would always lay in bed with Joe and Chester remembers one night they had a slight earthquake and the pictures moved on the wall. Joey was always hard to get to sleep, so he would drive him in the 1976 van to try to get him to sleep.

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