Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm not a big fan of cold, but the ONE thing I love about cooler weather is I just love soaking in our (small) bathtub. There is nothing better than filling up the tub and soaking for a bit and getting nice and toasty.

Today was my day off. Yay! Joey woke at 6am. I though, OMG he will not go back to sleep. I rocked him and tried to get him to go to bed and nope, he started to cry. I said, Joey, you are going to go to bed in mommy's bed. I took him there, he rolled up and went right to bed. I was like OMG. I have never done that before. In the past if I tried that he would think it was a fun place to play. This time he just conked out. I guess he just wanted me there. We slept until quarter to 9!

Then we got up. I got him breakfast. Then we changed. We got ready to go out. He got a haircut today and it's sooo cute. They pretty much buzzed his hair. It was sooo cute. Then I took him to daycare. He was NOT happy with me. I had to do some errands. I went to Salvation Army to drop off a few things and got Joey some clothes and books. Then I went to get our ink cartridges refilled. I got a new Perry Ellis Wool Long coat from the resale shop. I paid a lot for it - $68 but I figure it's a lot cheaper than brand new and I needed a new coat. Then I dropped off the dry cleaning. I called daycare, he already went down for a nap so I went home and napped. I picked him up about 3. We've been home playing all afternoon.

We went out back today and I got these photos. I cleaned up the back patio. I got everything ready for storage. Our patio looks so much better now without all the stuff out there.

Went to curves today for the weekly weigh in and I gained 2.5. I think I need a kick in the ass. Joe and I are arguing about the overtime he's putting in and we can't seem to reach an agreement. It just sucks for me because he gets home after 7 every night. Today he went in an hour early and only left 10 minutes early and because of bad traffic was still home later than normal. I don't know what type of agreement we are going to come to. The only logical solution is to move closer to work but I HATE the city and do not want to move closer to Detroit. I have no clue...


Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a nice day. You can come move onto my street. There are a couple houses for sale. :o)

Carolyn F said...

Ewww... Detroit -- I remember my Flint days... so when do we get to hear about cruise day 4???