Tuesday, October 11, 2005

First day of the cruise

I'm going to have to do this in parts. Mostly so I don't overwhelm you but also because I have to get the photos ready and I just got my pc back this afternoon. I had to download all 500 photos. I had curves tonight and had to go grocery shopping. Joey has been pretty needy lately so I've not had much time to do this.

Oh and it's been very cool with Joey lately. He loves attention. He loves when I read him books. He says a TON of words now which is so cool - I love seeing his personality. He's very good natured. Tonight he brushed his teeth and walked to bed. We put him down, then he started to cry. So I took him into the office, rocking him for about 5 minutes, then asked if he was ready for bed, he got down, walked to his bed and went to sleep. He's such a good boy!! He is very good at saying please and thank you. I'm trying to change his food habits too - introducing rice cakes, fruits and veggies - which he is already very good about eating. I'm trying to get rid of the cakes and chips. He doesn't need that crap and either do I!

Cruise Day 1 - Saturday

Well to start the trip off, we had a plane trip to Chicago and then another to LA. It was a LONG trip. We got up at 3am. My mom had us to the airport at 4:30 to get ready for our 6am flight. We then flew to Chicago and then to LA. We got to LA about 11am Pacific. The trip between Chicago was 3 ½ hours.

We had a long walk to baggage return. The LA airport is all under construction and very weird. They had hand drawn signs telling us to walk outside the airport to get to baggage. When we finally got there I nearly threw myself on Caroline! I was so happy to see her!!

We took a cab to the port. They allowed us to get on the ship early so we got on about 1pm, instead of 5 like it originally said. We went to eat lunch right away. YUM!

The first day we had to go to a mandatory safety training in case something happened to the ship. Of course Jason was acting his normal self (goofy) and sat there putting his tongue on the light to make it glow.

For lunch when we got on the ship we did the buffet. It was excellent. I had a ton of veggies and they were awesome. We mostly searched the ship to see what was there.

Caroline and I worked out that evening. I ran a little over a mile with her.

For dinner I had Pasta with Chicken, Mushroom soup, a fruit platter and a georgian peach cobbler.

Joe had 2 shimp cocktail, Prime Rib, Belgian Chocolate Torte and expresso.

Joe happened to look under the bed to see why it was so darn hard and found a bottle of wine. We ran over to Jason and Caroline's room next door and asked if they had wine under their bed. They didn't. Someone must have left their wine. This was like a double bottle of wine and it was from Washington State (where they live). That was awesome!!

We played a tennis like game for awhile up on deck. I had fun trying to hit the ball!

We went to bed about 8 pacific. That's like 11 our time!


Melissa said...

I'm so jealous! I need to go on a cruise. :o) Love hearing your stories.

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Carolyn F said...

Day 2 already! Puleeze!