Friday, September 30, 2005

We're leaving in less than 12 hours now...

It’s the day before our cruise. I think I’m more stressed than excited at this point!! It seems like we still have a lot to do. Once the packing is completely done, I’ll feel a bit more relieved for sure. I have pictures to post but it's on my pc that I just took to the computer doctor (see below for story).

This is our first cruise. I don’t know what to expect or what to pack. Thank God for Caroline! I feel like I’m taking my entire closet! I’m taking skirts, shirts, dresses, jeans, shoes, pajamas, shorts, and workout clothes!!! This is SEVEN days worth! My entire suitcase is full – chuck full and I didn’t even pack my curlers, or any of my toiletries! Joe’s suitcase is near full and he hasn’t even packed all his khaki’s or suit yet!

Today at work was nice. I got a lot done at work. I was kinda sad though. Our NEW Toshiba laptop keeps shutting itself off. I am 95% sure it’s overheating and shutting off. I took in for service and they said that I need to blow the fans out so the dust doesn’t accumulate and they were going to keep it to see if there was a fan problem still after they did that. I told them to just keep it for a little while since we are going on a cruise. Hopefully it will be fixed when we get it back! They said it was a known problem with Toshiba laptops! Augh! AND I need to get my pc back to download my photos. I’m going to be in agony until I get it back!

I still have to do a few things to finish packing. I need to pick up the house a bit more so it looks good. Our neighbor is watching our cats and feeding them for us. Our daycare lady is coming over around the 2nd to put a bunch of frozen cookie dough in our freezer that we bought for their fundraiser. Our neighbor watched our cats during the 15 days of our honeymoon and we asked them to watch them this time too. They were more than happy to and they will NOT take money. They seemed very interested in our cat water filter system – the water is filtrated continuously and our cats LOVE IT. The most important thing is they drink more water too. I guess our neighbors have a cat that isn’t getting enough fluids and said they think something like that would help. So I went to the pet store the next day and bought them a cat water filter for them. She was so happy I thought she would cry. They have TEN cats! I helped her put the cat water filter system together. I wonder how her cats like it!

Joe and I seem to be getting along better. I think just knowing we are getting out of town has made everything so much better.

It’s so cool watching Joey grow up. He mimics almost every 1 and 2 syllable word you say. He also has really been enjoying books lately, especially his first words book. Usually when I ask him to say ‘cow’ he says ‘moo’ instead. Today I said say cow and he said ‘cow’ instead of moo. I’m kinda sad. I thought it was sooo cute when I asked him to say cat and he’s say meow instead. He’s in 3T shirts and between 2t and 3t pants. He’s 35 inches tall – almost 3 feet and not even 21 months! He’s going to be a tall boy!

I guess that’s all for now. You won’t see an update for about a week. See you then!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm tired again...and some venting...

So anyhow, Joe comes up to me and asks me if I'm happy. He's actually asked me that a few times lately. I guess I've been so stressed out lately I never noticed. I think I'm over-obsessing about a lot of stuff. He says I used to be so happy in my blog and lately I'm complaining - he reads it too. I think it's probably a good way to see into my mind. Maybe I just need a place to vent. Who knows?

I don't know what the problem is. Maybe I just need a vacation - thank Goodness we leave to Mexico on Saturday. I'm so excited to see Caroline again I can hardly stand it! I miss having my best friend here. Even though she's in Seattle and we email all the time, it's not the same as just girl talking with her, you know? It seems all my best friends move away. My other best friend Jennifer moved to Florida right after high school. I'm so sad to see my friends leave me.

I'm not sure what the problem is. I think I'm a bit stressed out over keeping my weight level. I'm so happy at this weight that I want to stay like this, yet I still want to enjoy food. I think I'm worried I will gain it all back. I'm sure I won't but I still have that worry there.

Then I am being so anal about keeping a clean house lately. I feel so awful about it because I'm not playing with Joey like I should be. I told myself I would never ever do that to my look at me. I have a friend who is a little older than me and she worked and worked and worked. She was never home. I told her she would regret it one day, never being home with her son. So look at me. When I am home, I clean. Ok, I'm in tears now. Why can't I just be normal? Why do I feel such an obligation to clean, and not spend the time I need with Joey? I can't even relax when I'm watching tv (which is hardly EVER) and when the commericals come on, I clean. It's like I feel guilty for even sitting on my duff, well except when I'm on the pc. I guess that's my only relax time.

Maybe I just need to get away and need a vacation? We really have not had one since June 2003. Isn't that sad? Last year we spent our vacation at UofM hospital, watching over our 6 week old baby Joey after he had kidney surgery and a kidney removed.

Ok, I think I'm blabbing because I'm tired. I'm going to bed at 10 tonight so I'm not staying up too much longer.

Today at work I had back to back meetings. I took off for lunch with Lori. She and I went to our chiropractor for an adjustment. Then we went to Rio Wraps for lunch. When we got back I was scheduled to give blood at 12:45. First they couldn't find a vein which is normal for me. They are hidden in my arm. So moving the needle 3 times they finally found it. Then my vein dripped blood sooo slowly. I saw about 5 people come and go before me. They actually took out a FOOD SCALE and put my blood bag on it to make sure I was still dripping blood into the bag. What a pain I was today! I think they were glad to have me out of there.

I made a comment to one nurses that I should have them try the left arm next time and I am pretty sure she muttered under her breath 'Maybe you shouldn't give next time'. That made me so mad I was speechless. The Red Cross is always talking about how they NEED people to give and she said WHAT? You have to be kidding me. They constantly harp they don't have enough blood and then want to turn away people who's vein's don't roll fast or are hard to find? I've been a problem child because I used to almost faint, my blood sometimes rolls slow and my veins are hidden and hard to hit. I have a very rare blood type so you would think they would want my blood. I guess some people don't want to be hassled. Well she can kiss my butt - I'm going to keep on giving blood despite her really rude comment. Oh, all in all, it took ONE HOUR to finally fill up the bag. My co-workers at the cookie table nearly clapped and then teased me about how long I took.

Today I got home, cleaned again, took Joey outside. I washed all the floors and I then went into the back bathroom where the cat litter boxes are and hand cleaned the floors in there. When Joe got home I fertilized the front yard and then got the neighbor and showed her how to care for our cats while we are in Mexico. I think I just want the house clean before we leave! We are going to buy her a cat water filterer for a thank-you gift for watching our cats. She was talking about getting one because she liked ours so much. They own TEN cats!

Well off to bed I go. I have some photos but I'm too lazy to take them off my camera.

Oh and I'm happy to announce that I AM taking my good camera to Mexico. I even went out and bought another 1 gig memory card for it so I could take a TON of photos! Yay!

Good night. Hopefully next time I blog I will be a little more perky and a little more upbeat. Sorry, I just needed to vent.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Sick today! and Sunday's happenings

Today I'm home from work. I got something - a neck ache, pressure between my head like a vice, I had some queasy stomach, felt run down and I'm starting to get a sore throat!!! Augh! I hate being sick. I HOPE this goes away before our cruise leaves this Saturday!!

This weekend was interesting. Saturday's post was below.

So Sunday rolls around. Joe and I had JUST been talking about how he wanted to get a new battery for his car. His car is a 98 Honda Accord and it has like 150,000 miles on it. He went out to the garage to get something, realized his car door was open ALL NIGHT and drained the battery. Well good excuse to go buy a new one huh?

Today was also the day we were to walk in Belle Isle for the Kidney foundation. This is how it turned out.
1. We got to Belle Isle. Did not realize it was 6 miles around. We thought a 1-2 mile walk around the island would be great for Joey (did not realize it was SIX miles!)
2. We forgot the diaper bag.
3. It was supposed to storm.
4. We took Joey who did not want to get in the stroller.
5. We still had to get a car battery.
6. We got there at 12:45. We did not realize registration STARTED at 1 and that the walk did not even start until 2!! Joey waiting around for an hour? Yeah right.
7. The organizer told us the walk was only 1-2 miles, not SIX!
8. The organizer for our workplace said she was sending out maps, which we never got because she sent them last second and would not reply to our emails! Thank God we got some type of directions from the person organizing it for the Kidney foundation.

We turned in our money and went home. It's about a hour drive to Belle Isle too! There was no way we could have walked. We had no diapers, no diaper bag, and the lady was so disorganized and gave us wrong info and if we did the walk, we couldn't have gotten Joe his battery because Sears would have been closed on a Sunday. Yeah, too many signs. It was a walk gone very very bad. The most important thing was that we raised money for the foundation and turned it in.

On the way home we stopped at Kroger to get diapers. We then changed Joey. I worry about him peeing all the way through the diaper so we change them often. He drinks a lot of liquids!

Then we went next door to the scrapbook store! Yay for me! I love the scrapbook store and used my 40% off coupon!!

Then we drove to Sears and got Joe his car battery.

Then we went out to eat. We went to Red, Hot and Blue in Novi. They have great ribs. Joey would not stop talking at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS. How do you tell a child to be quiet? We tried and tried multiple times. We felt quite badly. He was behaving well, but kept talking and screaming. We kept saying shhh and it worked for one work then he raised his voice again. It's not like he's got clogged ears either - he has tubes in his ears. I'm not sure what the deal is. Our dinner was great but a little bit stressed because we were constantly asking him to quiet down!

It was weird. Joey didn't really get a nap yesterday. He went down at like 6 on Saturday night. He slept until about 6. We told him it was too early to get up and laid him back down. He slept until 9:30! Wow, lucky us!!

So he hardly took a nap again Sunday because of all the running around and his late morning. So we laid him down when we got home. It was about 4:30.

Then we went outside to change Joe's battery for his car. He was nervous. I guess his step-brother had one blow up in his face so he was not happy about having to change it. But Joe was very careful and did an awesome job. The car started wonderfully after he put it in and hooked it up.

Then we backed out the car and cleaned the garage. We had a TON of cold pieces of 2x4's in the garage and took them to my van to take to my parents so they could burn it in their fireplace. We cleaned out boards, and just misc stuff that has rotted in our garage. It looked so good when we were done. I freecycled some black plastic lawn edging we never used and a small wooden baby gate (we had two and kept the bigger of the two).

So then we woke Joey up at a little past 7 and then went to my parents to take the wood. Joey had a great time there playing with his matchbox cars and all. We dropped that off, stayed until about 9pm and then drove home.

Today Joey woke up and he was full of energy like I've never heard. I was still sleeping, not feeling well but he was FULL of energy. You could hear him running around. Even Joe asked me about it in email this morning. I guess he dropped him off at daycare, took off his shoes and Joey went RUNNING to Dena. She said, "Wow, I guess he's full of energy today, huh?"

I hope I feel better today!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I love freecycle

I love freecycle. We had a storm door my dad gave me that did not work because it swung open from the right instead of the left side. So I asked my dad, hey dad - you want it back? He said no. So I freecycled it today. I got this really nice thank you from the person who picked it up. I love to know that people can use the stuff we give them!!!

Not only does it fit our door but you probably wont believe this but there is a piece on the bottom of doors and our has been missing since we moved in last December. Well...My girlfriend came over and low and behold a chipmunk came in thru that crack ran between her leggs and around the kitchen table and right thru her leggs again and out the door...from then on...we have used the front we have 2 working doors thanks to you. We are greatful.

Good for her! Now she has a great storm door. I'm happy because it's not in my yard anymore. I just love freecycle!

Oh and the woman we gave the washing machine to was thankful as well. My brother had an extra electric dryer he couldn't use because he is using a gas dryer. So I called her and asked her if she wanted it. She said yes, so she's going back out to my parents house tomorrow or Monday to pick it up. I love helping people out. Makes you feel good. Also when I pick up stuff from people in the area, I feel like I have given to the community so it's ok if I receive sometimes too.

Find your local freecycle at It's wonderful. Someone posts an item as an offer and you email them saying you want it. If you are the chosen person (usually it's first come first serve) then you will arrange a pickup. If the item is no longer available, the person is supposed to post a pending email. Then when the person picks it up, the person posts a Taken email saying it's no longer available. A lot of times the items aren't there anymore, but if it is, you scored something! I only pick up stuff I need. Last week I got a clothes drying rack. I've gotten a jogging stroller, toddler bed, little tyke slide set, and more! I've give up stuff like the washing machine, storm doors, and even misc stuff like light fixtures. It's great to get rid of clutter and get stuff you need!

Blog about yourself poll

Ok friends, I expect to see these on your blog too! They are misnumbered because I took the stupid ones out.

1. What is your dream occupation? Full-time mom and/or nurse
2. What color is your underwear? Right now? Pink!
3. What are you listening to right now? Joe and my dad watching a movie
4. What was the last thing you ate? My mom made Lasagna, I made a salad, and garlic bread
5. Do you wish on stars? sometimes
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? blue
7. How is the weather right now? It's night time out but was sunny and cool today
8. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Carolyn - a freecycler
10. How old are you today? 27
11. Favorite drink? water
12. Favorite sport to watch? who cares
13. Have you ever dyed your hair? No
14. Do you wear contacts or glasses? both
15. Pets? 4 cats, Alex, Sasha, TyTy and Kali
16. Favorite month? um, don't have one
17. Favorite food? I guess I don't really have one!
18. What was the last movie you watched? I can't remember!!
19. Favorite day of the year? Christmas
20. What do you do to vent anger? clean or cry
21. What was your favorite toy as a child? My stuffed animals or barbies
22. Fall or Spring? Spring
23. Hugs or kisses? Hugs
24. Cherry or Blueberry? Blueberry
28. Living arrangements ? Home with dh and cats and Joey
29. When was the last time you cried? Um, not sure??
30. What is on the floor of your closet? Nothing
31. Who is the friend you have had the longest? Jenny Rhodes since 6th grade
32. What did you do last night? Drove home from work, waited for Joe to get home and went to bed
33. Favorite smell? My venezia perfume. It's discontinued! :( I actually paid $80 for a bottle on ebay! You can't buy it anymore!
34. What inspires you? Successful people who take risks
35. What are you afraid of? dying
36. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? Cheese
37. Favorite car? Any Honda
38. Favorite type of dog? None
39. Number of keys on your key ring? 8?
40. How many years at your current job? 5
41. Favorite day of the week? Saturday
42. How many states have you lived in? Just Michigan
43. How many cities have you lived in? All in Michigan - Garden City, Howell, Midland, Royal Oak and Milford

It's been awhile

Put it this way, I've been burning the candle at both ends and it ended up with me going to bed at 8:30 on Friday. NOT normal for me at all.

Just seems like there is a lot to do lately. Thursday I weighed in at WW and gained 3 lbs. I felt awful about it and am still sad about it. Yet, am I eating better - no. What the hell is wrong with me? I need to go buy better foods to keep in this house.

Today is Saturday. We got up and went to the Chiropractor and post office this morning. Then we came home and I became cleanzilla and was going nuts cleaning. The house was a mess from this week. I was so tired I couldn't even clean.

I can tell you why I was tired. Tuesday night - our favorite show Nip/Tuck on FX started back up. It went from 10:00 - 11:30. SO I went to bed late then. Keep in mind I normally get up at 5:15.

Wednesday was an easy day at work. We had a team outing at a park. I took 130 photos for our work bulletin board, and I also played baseball catch with the boys. They were very impressed a girl had that good aim and could throw that hard. People kept asking if I played for a team. I told them, yes, I played when I was 6 in tee ball. No really, I never did. They didn't believe me. Really, I could throw straight when I met Joe. He taught me all I knew. SO I felt good about that. I got a great workout and was sore for two days after.

On Wednesday night I got sucked into another show - Next top model. Ok, did I need to watch it? No...but I did. And I don't watch tv. Well at least I got stuff done during commericals. Augh! Then after that I had to download the photos from that day's team picnic at work so I could print them out for the bulletin board the next day. I was up until 11:30 again.

Thursday rolls around. I get up in the morning and notice that the lights above my sink don't work. That pissed me off something awful. I LOVE those lights. They light up the space above my sink which is normally dark - and NOW THEY DON'T WORK!!! SOOOO I've begged my brother, when he gets a moment, to please please please come fix them. I will pay him what he wants, I just want work lights again!

Thursday night I go to WW. Dropped Joey off at my mom's house and went to WW. Gained 3 lbs. Boy - I was bummed. I drove home in a monsoon, well not quite but it rained so hard I couldn't see in front of me, then got to my parent's house and they were out of power for a little while. Dad finished the cat tree for my cats (see the cool cat tree above and the photo of Alex in it take in natural lighting) and had to load that into my car. The cats love their new cat tree! ER was on from 10 - 11 so another late night.

SO finally Friday rolls around. I come home after work and Joe is out with work - they also had a team outing this week - to go golfing. SO he calls at 6 saying he's going out to dinner. I'm here seriously almost falling asleep. I told him I was so tired I'm going to bed when he gets home. So anyway I took these photos of Joey on Friday. There was one of him on the couch that I loved. He sits there now to watch tv. There is another two of him playing with his toys and cars with a cool ramp. The others are from when we went outside. The pictures on him on the porch are beautiful because the lighting from late day was great. One he is looking up at the sky, the other he is saying bye-bye to someone, probably a car going down the street.

Joe got home, we fed Joey, and then I went to bed at 8:30 and slept until 7:30 the next morning. It was great. Today was a cool day for Joey though - he went to go outside and needed help down the step and said 'help' and put out his hand. That's new for him. Usually he just puts out his hand. Then he saw a bulldozer and said bulldozer :)

Earlier this week I posted our old working washing machine on freecycle and someone came and picked it up today. Today I posted a storm door and someone came to get that too. I love freecycle!

We went over to my brother's new house today. It's very nice. It's in the country and I'm so jealous! Made Joe and I realize we really want to live in the country for our next house. Afterwards we had dinner at my mother's house.

So right now Joe's watching a movie with my dad and I'm blogging. I don't like movies too much. I'd rather play on the internet :)

Monday, September 19, 2005


Well Joe had to meet with the CFO on Monday and it was ok. Just a meeting. I got some photos of him in his new suit. He looked quite good!! Forgive the crappy photos. It was dusk out and I had to use flash.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday and the pillow fight.

Lucky you! I almost forgot to update my blog on the way home on Sunday so I’m sure this one will be short. I only have another 10 minute ride home.

Today was a nice day. I slept in until 10am. Grandma and Grandpa watched Joey once he got up at 7.

After I got up Joey and I played a bit. Joe and Joey played a bit. We ate. Grandma made some sweet potatoes today and some spicy chicken wings for Joe.

I scrapbooked today – I’m sure you aren’t surprised. I had two more pages to do for ScrapJazz before I left for Mexico. One was with the spotlight. It was a military themed stickers so I pulled out an old Scrapaddict kit I had and knew I already had a military photo of Grandpa printed for it.

I asked Grandpa to come to the table to provide me with journaling for the photo. He got really really choked up. I know part of it is because it’s amazing how much you change. He’s 80 now and the photo was taken 60 years ago! Your body changes so much and I know that he was thinking about that. He was such a handsome guy in the photo I have. I told Grandpa she married one heck of a good looking guy! The other thing I know that bothered him was the images and thoughts of the war flooding back. I have never met a man that had fought in the war and had wanted to tell about the tales of what happened. Grandpa served in WWII. He was a paratrooper. I was very proud of grandpa. It was sooo difficult to give me the journaling for my page, and to remember these details of the war, but I think that part of him wanted to provide that detail. He wanted it to be saved and preserved for Joey to read when he gets older and to provide to his children. It’s such an honor for me to be able to scrapbook these stories and have people open up and tell me these stories, that perhaps have never been told to anyone else. I don’t only feel like an artist, but of a story teller as well. What an awesome honor!!

The other thing I wanted to say is it’s so much fun to scrapbook at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Every time I am done with a page I run to show them and they ohhh and ahhhh over it. I don’t get that response from anyone else like I do them. Grandpa always brags me up. He’s such a sweetie.

Oh the other end of the spectrum is my mother. She has told me that she doesn’t understand or care for scrapbooking as a hobby. She thinks it’s a waste of time. I on the other hand love her knitting and receiving stuff she knit (like socks) but I’m not about to take up knitting at all - I think it’s boring! So I guess it’s each to their own! It would explain why she hates her photo taken and why I hardly have any photos of me growing up!

Tonight before we left Joey and Grandma were having a pillow fight. Joey loves to rough-house. The harder the better. I swear, this kid will get on your back and jump off. He loves to wrestle, jump off the couch, the harder the better!! So here are some photos of Grandma and Joey.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I got a photo shoot!!

Ok, disclaimer - Joe did a photo shoot of me after I got a new haircut and I put up some of my favorites. You will read about that below :)

Today was the day that we needed to go into Saginaw to get Joe a new suit. He has one but it's a few years old and frankly, he's gotten fatter since college and the pants are really tight on him. Ok, he's really as thin as a rail still, so you can only imagine how thin he used to be!

So once Joey took a nap we drove to Saginaw. It's about a 45 minute drive or so. We went to Men's warehouse. They did an EXCELLENT job outfitting Joe. He got a gray suit and a blue suit with very subtle beautiful pinstripes. He got two shirts, shoes, ties and 2 mock turtlenecks that look great with the suit but don't require a tie. He looked so good in them. He needs at least ONE suit because he has a meeting with the CFO of Comerica Bank on Monday! Wow! I'm excited for him. He wants to be dressed to a T so we pickup the suits tomorrow. It was $1064. At least we can use them both during our formal nights on our cruise in 15 days!!!!

I told Joe he needed a haircut while he was trying on the suits. At the end of the order, I asked the salesman where he could get his haircut on a Saturday and he said Grondins. So we went there and saw the girl that the salesguy from Men's warehouse saw. Joe got his hair trimmed.

Now as soon as I walked in, I talked to Joe about getting MY hair cut. It's been awhile and I wanted something a bit different. SO before Joe was done, I went and talked to the hair dresser doing Joe's hair and asked what she could do for it. Well I didn't sign in, but decided, what the heck, I'm getting my hair done. It was marvelous. I love getting my hair done. She did these beautiful layers and they frame my face and I just love love love my new hairdo!!!! She said to mousse it everyday to give it some more body. I felt pampered.
The coolest part - it only cost me $13!!!!!!! She charged Joe $13 and me $13 and I bought some mousse from her and of course we tipped her. I told Joe, I'm sorry but we are driving to Saginaw from now on so she can do my hair. She's the only hair dresser I've found that does my hair and I LIKE it after!!! Joe absolutely loved my new do. He would let me know if he didn't but he really liked it. I felt like a million bucks.

After we got our hair done we went into Toys R Us. Of course we had to buy Joey more Thomas the Train engines. We got him a Thomas engine, and Diesel - the bad guy.

Then we went to Famous Dave's. They have the BEST RIBS! They have the most marvelous food. Joe has not been there before. I had been and loved it. We got a platter for 2 and it had ribs, chicken, beef brisket, corn and more. It was the best food! Joe was so happy we went. What a great weekend to celebrate our anniversary!

We got home and gave Joey the Thomas toys. Of course he is beaming and screaching in happiness.

I asked Joe to do a photo shoot of me with my new hairdo. He did a very good job. I tried to take some photos of Joey but he HATES staying still for anything so I'm lucky to get any good photos of him ever! I say his name when I have the camera but he purposely ignores me! What a major stinker!!!!! Doesn't he know I'm a scrapbooking mom?

We got a snowman for Christmas from Avon that sings 'Winter Wonderland' and moves and turns. Joey knows how to sqeeze his hand to turn it on. I showed him once and he picked right up on it. My little boy is growing up!!!!

So anyway - here are my new photos that dh took. I think he did a great job. He's such a sweetie.

So there is a photo of Joey looking at his stomach. That is what he does when we ask 'Joey, where is your belly button?!'. Isn't that cute? If we ask 'Where is daddy's belly button', he will run up to daddy and pull up his shirt and stick his finger in his belly button. It's so cute!

The other photo is Joey and Joe walking back to the house after we were outside playing today. Notice that they are walking the exact same. You can definately tell that they are father and son. I love that photo.

Thanks for looking! :) Please leave a comment if you are here! Thanks!

Friday, September 16, 2005

I was almost killed today...

I was almost was killed by a dumbass on the road today. He meant to turn into the middle turn lane and instead turned into my lane. It's M-59 a two lane road. It was wet and dark. He never merged over into the turn lane, and he was just dead stopped in the fast lane going in with his headlights pointing right at me, like he was playing chicken or something. I was blaring my horn, and it did not matter. It was wet, my brakes were locking. I thank GOD that no one was beside me because I had to swerve to go around him. He never moved. I'm not so sure the person even realized what happened. There was a car behind me too. I never looked behind me to see if he moved or anything. I was so shook up I kept thanking God I was alive. I THINK that he was worried someone was pulling into that turn lane to turn and didn't want to broadside them. If I were the guy, I would rather broadside someone than be hit by a minivan going 55 when you're dead stopped!!! I was so lucky. I called Joe and cried. I was shaking. I've never been that upset ever. It was awful. Can you imagine me hitting a car at 45 mph (I think I only slowed down 10mph) that is dead stopped. I probably would have died.

So at work today it was a good day. I’m finally back. Yay. I got a lot done. I went out to eat and had a chicken pita with mayo on the side and did not eat the pita. I had chili cheese fries but had the chili and cheese on the side. So it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We had steak, beans and French fries (ore-ida baked) so that was a good dinner too.

They said at daycare Joey wasn’t 100% today. I know what they mean. He just sat on the couch and watched tv, and he was very cranky today when we got home. Poor kid.

Yesterday I picked up a drying rack, coat and book from a freecycler. It was a long hike out of my way but worth it. I almost bought a drying rack last week for my sweaters so that came up on the group and I asked her if I could have it. Then she posted a really nice black coat – it almost looks like a ski coat. She said it was anorak style – but I have no clue what that means. All I know is it’s double lined. There is a fleece lining that zips out and then a weather proof outside layer. It’s a very nice coat. I washed it today. I swear, I love freecycle!!!

This week I got rid of an old scanner I’ve had since 98. It worked well but I need a higher dpi scan so I bought a new one awhile back. Some lady came to get it. A billion people asked me for it, even after I posted the pending and taken messages. Then I gave away some gold necklaces. I do NOT like gold. I do not know why but I really don’t like to wear it. I love silver. I want a silver wedding ring now. I just hate gold. So I gave away most of my gold necklaces. I have no clue if any were 14k or not. I just didn’t want them and no one would have bought them anyhow. A few were nice Avon necklaces. The lady was happy to receive them. I’m trying to get rid of a diaper pail but no one wants it. I think I’ll just throw it out. I also took 7 bags of clothes to the salvation army today! What a writeoff that will be. Most of it was my fat clothing. I’m just glad to get it out of the house! Monday I’m going to try to take some clothes in for consignment. What they don’t take, I’m taking to Salvation after that.

I am selling cookies and popcorn for Joey’s daycare. I have 8 sold so far from work and my mom. They are trying to buy a moonbounce for the daycare. They rent one for special events all the time and this way they don’t have to keep renting it. They will have it and then the kids can enjoy it on really nice days. That will be nice! Oh and they told me that strep is going around at daycare too. GREAT! Just another thing Joey needs to get!

Well that’s all for now.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I DID IT!!!!!! YAY!!

To start the day I gave Joey a breakfast of pancakes with syrup, canadian bacon and some of my all bran cereal. He decided it would be great to rub it in his hair so this is the result. The end result was a bath. Ick...

Then he was doing fine today so I asked daycare to take him for the day while I worked the rest from home. They said that was fine. I got a lot done later in the day when he wasn't here. He just needs so much attention!

Today is Thursday - time to go to my parents house. So I took Joey over there. My mother told me to bring my camera to take a photo of this potted plant she has on her porch that's blooming. Here is the photo of it. Isn't it amazing??!

So today was my BIG day! Today was weigh in day at WW! AND today is my lifetime member award where I reach my WW goal and I don't have to pay anymore as long as I stay within goal! So of course I got a photo of me weighing in and guess what - I LOST OVER 50 LBS!! 51 to be exact so I got my 50 lb award! Yay!!

Then after class we had a group photo. A lot of the regulars weren't here today so I was kinda bummed but there were a lot of people that come a lot too that I hadn't seen in awhile so it was fun to get everyone in the photo!

Here's my leader Ginny. She's the inspiration to my success. She's wonderful. She's active, she's inspirational and she's the best. I'm so happy I stuck at it and I know she's so proud of me. Today was one of my favorite days in my life. I've been working at this goal for a year and a half now (since April 04) and I finally did it.

Now I just have to remember what Joe says - now you have to maintain it. Yep - I know!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's our 3 year anniversary today! We are supposed to celebrate this weekend - but not sure yet what we plan to do.

It's 10:30 and I'm STARVING!! Yeah, before this diet I could eat my cold cereal and milk (cheerios or something) late at night. I may go get a bowl before I head to bed, though it's not on my diet plan. I'm just HUNGRY!!

I wanted to show you Joey's Halloween costume. I found it yesterday at Kroger. I wanted to get him a Thomas the Tank costume but the ones I saw were soooo cheap! I knew that if he wasn't Thomas, he was going to be a lion because he makes the GROWLLL noise so well. So I brought it home yesterday and he hugged it and growled - he knew it was a lion! Now today every time he passes it he growls. It's sooo cute.

Also today Joey and I walked to the end of our sub and back. He's never walked that far with me before. I would say maybe it's 2 -3 blocks one way. He's growing so quick.

I feel so bad for the poor kid. He's now got a very bad dry cough and it won't let up. :(

Curves was fun tonight. It's the third night I've gone this week. One of the girls that lives in my neighborhood told me she also scrapbooks so I have another scrappin buddy! Yay!!

Here's Joey again. He loves to stand on this stool and play on the windowsill with his cars. Whatever floats your boat kiddo!

And last but not least - here is my 2nd cat (of 4) Sasha that let me take her photo today. Usually she runs at the camera wanting me to pet her. Today I had to tell her to stay and to be good for the camera :) She's a tortie. Isn't she pretty? She has a bad habit of wanting to be right next to you when you are eating and she loves to lick you. Not sure what that's all about but she does! She's a sweetie. I call her kabassa because she's kinda pudgy :)

Joey's still home...and so am I

Today is Wednesday and I’m still home with Joey. Now he doesn’t sound like a seal anymore, but he has a runny nose and he has a dry cough. Robotussin doesn’t touch it. I’ve tried to give it to him a few times. He has hardly eaten today but ate an ok breakfast and at least he’s drinking his juice. If he coughs like this tonight I can’t take him to daycare again tomorrow. I’ve never missed 4 days of work for him being sick. I’m sure they will understand….but you know.

Tomorrow is weigh in day at WW. I’m hoping it goes well.

Here’s a photo I took of our cat Alex today. He’s so gentle with Joey. Joey is pretty rough with him and he withstands a lot. I’m teaching him to be nice to kitty but he doesn’t realize he’s done anything wrong.

Here’s Joey trying to give the cat some love (he puts his head on the cat). See how tolerable Alex is?

Here’s Joey enjoying his Thomas the train videos. I’ve never seen a kid so obsessed with something. That green shirt he has on above is a Thomas the train shirt that I got from Nic from New Zealand. It was her son’s shirt. (Her blog is to the right). She’s such a sweetie!!! She sent us 4 shirts with Thomas on them! Thanks Nic!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

First day of the Curves Challenge

I did great eating today. I was a bit hungry but for the most part I was ok. We have a tight little group of girls at Curves doing the challenge. It's about 7 or so, so it's fun. 3 girls live in my neighborhood! One I knew the other I just met so that is cool. We did a 30 minute workout, talked a bit and watched a video. She shared a pretty cool site called where you can log your daily calories, etc. She wants a printout at the end of each week so that is cool with me. I hope to lose just a little bit more.

Actually I hit lifetime member on THURSDAY! I'm so excited. If I lose just .4 more lbs I'll be at a 50 lb weight loss. How cool would it be to be told you are at goal, and by the way, you just lost 50 lbs! I'm just so excited. I've been working at this since April 2004!

Well off to take a shower. Joey's doing much better today. That oral steroid must have really helped. I'm going to stay home with him tomorrow and then go back to work on Wednesday if all is well.

Joey has CROUP!!

Yes, I knew it the instant I heard his 'seal like bark' cough last night. I took him into the doctor and they said it's pretty bad, but it's not in the resting stage of labored breathing, just when he's crying so they gave me an oral steroid for it to help open his airways. I took the rest of the day off work. i was pretty exhausted from last night. I was worried about him last night. Since he took the steroid his coughing has been minimal.

I'm doing the diet today - it's the first day. I've been kinda hungry so we'll see how everything goes.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I stayed up until 2am scrapbooking. I know, I’m nuts but I slept almost all day yesterday!! I got 2 pages done for I can’t show them to you until October 1st (and I’ll be on my cruise) so I’ll have to show you when I get back. I did one on Alex the cat and I just love it, and one on Joey that’s baseball related that I really like too. It’s funny – now that I dropped one of my design teams, I feel soooo much less stress. I’m really enjoying scrapbooking lately and really loving the new pages I am doing. One of the pages I did last night was without one of the kits I buy (a kit is where the papers and

everything is coordinated together). I actually found paper to go with my photos myself. Yeah, sounds easy but I’m so used to just getting one of my 100 backlogged kits I have and using those up that getting stuff together from scratch doesn’t happen very often!

Gas was 2.82 when we filled up today! We just went by a gas station that was 2.79. THANK GOD! It’s been so expensive lately! Augh!!

Scrapaddict has this fun game going on now where if you get tagged (tag, you’re it), you need to go to the gallery and comment on three people’s layouts and then tag them, and it goes on and on. I’ve been tagged twice now. It’s fun and a good way to give praise in the gallery.

Joey went to bed at 6pm which was really weird. He hardly had a nap that day and got up pretty early so I really wasn’t surprised but I’ve never seen him go to bed that early. This morning Joey woke up at 8am. I was surprised by that because he slept over 12 hours. Joe and I went back to bed. Joe didn’t sleep long – maybe until 9. I slept until about 10. I felt better today.

Today consisted of making a grocery list for some foods to eat for next week, and taking Joey with us to Walmart to get a few things. They are doing a clothing drive at Curves and we are taking some of Joey’s good condition clothing, putting it in a gallon size Ziploc bag, including some diapers and some sandals for the kids there. It said to include underwear and I told Denise the owner I’ll be danged if any kid in 2T clothing is potty trained already! Well there may be a few, but it’s not the norm, so we are packaging diapers instead. I’ll drop them off tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the start of our Curves challenge. It’s 6 weeks long. We eat a WW core like menu (high protein diet for the most part), and exercise on Mondays and meet as a group for those that are doing it and then I also workout anyhow on Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope to lose a few more lbs before our cruise in October. I’ve been looking in the mirror lately and I’m happy with how I look. Yeah, everyone wants to be skinnier but I’m happy! Yay!

Today Joey and I played together while Joe napped on the couch. It involved us playing who has the blanket, and taking the pillow and wrestling on it. Joe took a photo of us before he napped of us lying on the ground looking up at the camera. It came out cute. After we played who has the blanket and we chased each other all over the house with the blanket, he slowed down and we played with his trains. He loves his Thomas trains (I know I say that every day but he does) so here he is playing with them again. I had my 50 mm lens on and it took some nice photos. I love that lens more than anything. I love how it has a short depth of field when it takes photos so the background blur out and it looks so nice. I also attached photos of Grandma and Grandpa so you can see who we stay with on the weekends. Those are Joe’s grandparents (his mother’s parents). They have a heart of gold and they are so good with us and Joey. They are my biggest scrapbook page fans. There is a photo of Joey laying on the pillow and I like it because it shows off his beautiful blue eyes. There is another one of him with a HUGE cheeser grin. He was doing that after I would hit him with the big pillow, he’s grin real huge like that. It was so cute! The other of the blanket on his head is from when we were playing who has the blanket and I would throw it over his head and watch him get out if it.

Funny thing happened today. Joey wanted to go outside so badly. When he wants to go outside, he knows he needs to put his shoes on, so he grabbed his shoes and waited for someone to put them on. Well we were busy, so he went and got Joe’s shoes and said ‘Daddy’s shoes’ and proceeded to drag each heavy size 14 sandal from the door to dad. Then Joe said, go get mommy’s shoes and he did, and got both of my sandals and brought them to me. Then we said, go give these shoes to grandma, and he took them and dropped them by grandma. Then we took him outside. It’s amazing he knows which shoes match, and to whom they belong to. Also he’s never said ‘Daddy’s shoes’ before. He’s said Daddy and shoes, but never together. That was so cool.

When Grandma and Joey were outside they saw a hawk and Joey said bird. When I came out later, Grandma was telling me and I asked Joey where the hawk was and he kept looking at the sky for where it was. I just love watching him develop and grow. Oh and he’s in 3T’s now on the top. His 2T tops are too small for the most part. We’ve put a few on him and they are wayyy to tight. Now I bet he is still in 2t pants but the shirts I’m going to have to start putting up his 2T stuff! He’s growing so darn quick I can’t believe it!! He’s just 20 months old!

After we went outside he was playing with his tonka truck that used to be Joe’s. See the photos. He really enjoys being outside so we try to take him out a few times a day. I took a photo of him bent at the knees playing with something on the pavement and I love how it came out.

Today we thought Joey was running a fever so we bought a thermometer at Walmart. He was running a slight fever earlier so we gave him some motrin. Well tonight before we left he was running 100.7 temp again. I have no clue if it’s teeth or a cold. I think it may be a cold because his nose is running again. I can’t go to work tomorrow so I’ll have to work from home. I feel bad when he’s got a fever and I need to call into work. I don’t want to take advantage of it of course, but he can’t go into daycare with a fever.

I have to get the clothing ready that I have at home to take into the consignment shop. I hope I can get a few things to be accepted so I can build a little account there.

Other things I want to do – take a few good photos of our cats for scrapbook pages. It seems I always get cat related scrapbook stuff from the companies for Scrapjazz and need good kitty photos. I used both of my favorite cat photos. Really they are as much of our family as the rest of us, so I should be taking photos of them too.

Well I’m signing off now. I’m going to go through my photos and pull aside some to print off at Costco so I can redo all the picture frames in the house. The photos in the frames at our house are from our wedding (02) and from the honeymoon and such! It’s time to update for sure!

Saturday I was a bit sick....

I’m so glad I’m doing this blog now. When I take pictures of Joey, I put them on here and explain what’s so special about them. It’s so easy to forget what the photos were of and the sad part about it is some of the photos aren’t even a YEAR old!

Friday I went to Curves after work and weighed in for our challenge we start on Monday. I need to make a menu still and buy some food for it. It would be nice to lose a few more lbs before we go on our cruise to Mexico.

At daycare on Friday they said Joey started to say Frances – and called Frances by his name and he started to say milk and sign it. Funny thing was when we got home that night, Joey actually asked for milk. The funny thing about this is we don’t normally give him milk and he really doesn’t like it as much as he likes juice, so for him to ask for it blew me away!

Today I woke up with Joey a few times and gave him some juice. He woke once at 3:30 soaking wet. I had to change his diaper, his clothes and woke Joe up to change the bed. Then around 6am Joey woke up. I kept telling him to go back to bed, it was too early and he did after I gave him some more juice. What a good kid. So finally at 7:45 he woke up and I got up with him. I changed him and changed his clothes, and then I had a bowl of cereal – The honey nut cheerios with raspberries. Normally I always drink it with soy milk but I forgot to bring it with us up north, so I drank it with regular milk. I haven’t drank regular milk in about ½ a year now, ever since I stopped giving it to Joey because of his constant runny nose (oh and after I stopped giving him milk, his nose stopped running). So later today I’m feeling like crap, upset stomach and all I can think of was it was the milk. I’m no longer able to drink milk – and I’m not going to, especially if it’s going to make me as sick as I was today! So it’s soy milk from now on.

I slept most of today and I’m not kidding. I slept until 11am then I slept 2pm – 5pm. I just wasn’t feeling well.

Grandma made steak tonight. Now I usually never eat steak. I’ve never ever liked it. My parents used to make it in the oven and dry them out and so I never ate steak because it never tasted good. The funny thing is I love the smell of it. I tried the steak Joe had for dinner and now I like it. I swear my taste buds are changing. I still will never try fish…ick. It makes me want to gag. Not sure why. My mother said I never liked fish.

Joe and grandma took Joey over to Joe’s mom’s house next door for a little while. Joe said today was the first day he actually played in the sandbox. He wouldn’t go IN it, but he took the sand and played with it.

At grandma’s house Joey has a mat that has roads, and other things on it. It looks like a small town. He takes his train cars (his favorite Thomas the train cars of course) and actually would drive them ON the roads on this mat. I never showed him how to do this, and either has Joe, but he figured out that the vehicles only travel the roads. I know, simple things like this amaze me!

Joe said on Friday he dropped Joey off at daycare and he ran to the fish tank and started to growl at the fish. What a silly boy.

That’s all for now. Nothing else new going on!

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

It's Wednesday already?

I'm all off because Joe and I had Monday off for Labor Day. I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already.

Today Joe was at my work site for some training he and his co-worker are coordinating. He and I left together and picked up Joey. It was nice to carpool for once. They said Joey was so funny today. He ran up to all the caregivers (all ladies) and kissed them, and then put his hands in his face and giggled. He's such a ladies man already - my gosh!! They said it was sooo cute.

We've been playing this game at bathtime. He takes a toy and put it in my mouth and I blow on it and shoot it at him. He laughs and laughs. It's quite funny. Here Joey is trying to put the duck on his head. He and I like to try to balance toys on our heads too.

I went to Curves tonight. I love my workout place. I joined a weight loss Curves challenge. They give you a book and for 6 weeks you are supposed to follow this meal plan. She told me I could go off plan during the cruise. We start next Monday. I'm excited about it. I need someone to drill my butt, make sure I'm eating well and to measure me weekly. I already get weighed on the scale for WW but this will be nice. A few other girls in the club signed up and it will be nice to hang out with them and do this! I want to lose another 10-15 lbs. I would love to be in a size 10. I'm in a 12 now.

I'm kinda tired tonight. It's almost 10pm. I still need to take a shower.

I went and worked out tonight, got some books from the library and then went to Kroger for a few things.

I came home and made Mongolian beef for Joe - one of his favorite meals that I make for him. Here's the Mongolian Beef Recipe. Here's the recipe for the Shrimp Scampi I made for Grandpa this past weekend. We also had corn tonight. Joey kept signing corn once he saw it and we gave him some to eat. He still won't try it on the cob but that's ok. He's been eating turkey like crazy. Both yesterday and today he wanted turkey for dinner. He says Turkey Turkey Turkey!

Signing off for the night.