Thursday, March 31, 2005

Babies grow too fast!

Augh! I got up late today. Never heard my alarm and was almost an hour late to work. Thankfully they are flexible! I also left a bit early because I needed to see the chiropractor. I think I pulled a muscle in my back and my shoulder has been bothering me. Could be me working out too hard OR it could be something dumb I did - who knows!! LOL

Last night I came to the realization that Joey is growing too fast. I mean come on - he's almost 15 months old and I need to go and buy him 3T pajamas - the 24 months are almost too small! I know Carter's clothing runs small, but we just bought the 24 month pajamas around Christmas!!

So anyway, after work today Joey and I went to my parents house. Joe also joined us when he drove there from work. Joe is helping my parents as their financial advisor now. He's really good at that stuff.

I took my mom with my shopping at the outlet mall which is about 4 minutes from their house. I went shopping at Carters! I sOoooooo LOVE that store! I got a bunch of pajamas, a few more bibs and some t-shirts for spring/summer. They had 50% off most the store and because I'm on their online mailing list, I also had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon! Yeehaw! Mom split the bill with me. It was all together $100, saved $20 and left with $80. Mom split it so I got a bunch of stuff for $40!!

I next needed clothes for me. Mine are too big because I've lost 40 lbs (80 lbs actually if you count when I had Joey at 250 lbs). SOOOO I went to Old Navy and they had nothing I liked. I went to Dress Barn - same thing - nada. I went to the Gap and their sizes run small! I bought a bunch of shirts that I liked but no pants (which is what I needed I guess!)... so I have a bunch of cool new shirts! Yay!

Oh and the best part. Joe left the baby gate up upstairs all day long because he didn't take it down when he left for work today. Some of our cats can't jump it. We all got home from my parents around 9pm. The cats were stuck upstairs and one or two of the cats pooped on the carpet in the corner. It wasn't the most pleasant smelling house I have entered, let me tell you! I feel bad for the kitties and I know Joe felt bad. He cleaned it up thankfully and hopefully it does not happen again!!!

Today's Question:
Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? Would you be willing to spend the night alone in a remote house that is supposedly haunted?

Ok - first answer. I believe in spirits and angels, but not evil spirits. HELL NO would I spend the night alone in a remote house. I have a hard time spending the night alone in my OWN house!! I am so glad I am married. I don't know how my single friends live alone. It totally freaks me out!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Oh Beautiful and Sunny Day

It was 68 degrees today. I was sooo in heaven! I'm in Michigan, so used to 30 degrees lately that I could have slept outside today!!! Instead I had to work inside but my friends (Lori and Duane) did go on a walk with me at lunch so I did get out for a 1/2 hour. Lori and I ran some of it and it felt so good to get moving. I'm so glad I'm in shape now! It makes it easier for me to keep up with Joey.

Busy at work today - always doing something it seems! I went to get Joe's car's oil changed today and they said their computers are down and they can't do it without the computer up. Sounded funny to me, but I bet their computers tell them what types of oil to use, etc... so I just washed his car instead. Aren't I a good wifey :)

When I got home Joey and I played outside again today. I love being outside so much more now that he enjoys it! Oh and good news. On freecycle ( someone got rid of a plastic sandbox. I got it and thought the plastic was warped and was going to throw it away. I played with it today and fixed it so now Joey has a sandbox! I can't wait to get some sand for it (but I won't love him tracking it in the house!!).

I'm going to start something new. My buddy let me borrow a book called The book of questions by Gregory Stock. If you read this, please feel free to post your answer to the question as well :)

Question #1: For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends or family again?

My answer: Even if I loved a person deeply, I would feel that they wouldn't ask me to leave my family if they loved me as much. No way would I leave my family. They mean too much to me!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Just stuff

Today Lori and I took a nice walk at lunch outside. It was about 55 degrees out which is a heat wave for Michigan! We gabbed and gabbed! I love taking walks at lunch! It means I also get my workout in!

I left work at 4pm today and the thermometer on my car read 70 degrees. I could not believe it. I was in HEAVEN!! When I got home Joey played outside for a bit. Then we went inside to eat. Joe came home early today and we all went on a walk. It was strange today because we took Joey in the stroller and he did NOT want the stroller, he wanted to walk! So we got down a few blocks and just let him out to walk. He loves walking - he has a little mind of his own for sure! He also loves being outside!!

Let me go off on a tangent and tell you about one of my favorite things right now - it's Sirius satellite radio!! I have an hour drive one way to work and I soooo love having my satellite radio. NO COMMERCIALS!! I have 10 preset stations and all of them play awesome music! My favorite station is the 80s station! I LOVE 80's music for sure! I was so happy driving to work today just listening to my favorite music!

I wanted to add too that while I was outside, I planed 250 tulips. We pulled them out of the ground last year when we relandscaped the front yard and they were just sitting in a box. Some have already started to grow so I thought, well what the heck, let's put them in the I guess we'll see if they bloom or not this spring!!

Well I better go. I have a house to clean - oh wait - when DON'T I have a house to clean!? :)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Joey was sick

What I wasn't aware was that this state that has frozen solid would actually start to thaw out! It got to 60 degrees today! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited that I got out the jogging stroller. I took it onto the landing to take outside. First I needed to get Joey ready. He had the mother of all tantrums today because he wanted to go out NOW! He did not want to wait for me to get dressed or for him to get his coat on!

I took him on a LONG walk. He was soooo happy. A few months ago I went garbage salvaging and found this kids push toy and rescued it from the neighbors trash at about 5 am one morning on the way to work. This was the first time Joey saw the toy so he pushed it for an hour straight. When I decided it was finally ready to come inside (this was after like 2 hours outside), he had another tantrum!

Joey only went down for ONE nap today from about 10-12 or so and that was it. Around 5pm I took him back outside for another walk, and to play with his toy. This time an hour and a half later, Joe came home and brought him inside - haha another tantrum!! This kid loves to be outside. Who would blame him anyhow? He's been cooped up inside all winter!

Anyways, tomorrow is back to work. This past week was not so good on the diet front. I feel guilty for all the stuff I ate, but I was sick too. You know how you are sick and only certain things look good - mainly all the fatty stuff? Yep, I ate pretty darn well this past weekend - fettuccine alfredo, a McDonalds Shake, Fries, Cake and more cake, chocolate...and the list goes on. I wonder what the scale will look like next week when I weigh in for Weight Watchers!

After being home with Joey all day and have so much fun playing with him, I so wish that I could be that stay at home mother. Maybe one day... I know that chasing after Joey all day is such a job.

The other thing I wonder about is if I am constantly decluttering my house and throwing away trash bag after trash is it that my house is NEVER clean? I feel like I am always cleaning it! Where is all this stuff coming from? I think they must have a 'stuff' fairy that dumps this crap at my house! Don't they know that I don't want it?!

Talk to you tomorrow!!!